Set HideOnlineAccountScreens to true12. Now you need a spare computer that you can install Windows 10 on. The initial setup of the solution takes about 30 – 45 minutes if done manually, and about 10 minutes if scripted. Set NetworkLocation to Work14. Choose Add Setting to Pass 7 oobeSystem…, 3. Capture and Apply Windows using a WIM file | Microsoft Docs The imaging of Windows based computers can be performed with DISM (Deployment Image Servicing and Management) and a Windows PE Environment (Windows Pre-installation Environment). I have not manually added any drivers to my images in past two years. Step By Step How to Capture Windows 10 1803 image ( Video ) ... Use DISM to remove unused indexes. I’m removing the reboot lines from the scripts so I can see what (if anything) goes wrong this time. The entire process for creating a Windows 10 image using MDT takes about 40 – 60 minutes, fully automated. Your prompt will change and the commands you enter now will be for assigning a drive letter to the partitions so you can capture them into an image file. Therefore, make sure you have large flash drives with enough space for the image files. So it is important that you do not start the computer until you are ready to boot it into WinPE to capture the image (in a state before it has been booted). Before you begin to capture Windows 10 image, you should prepare already deployed Windows 10 PC by installing required drivers, apps, latest Windows security updates, and performing necessary system configuration. First, you will need to install Windows ADK for Windows 10, which you can download here. This computer will be used to capture the Windows image. You will need to copy it to a different computer later on. The next time you start it up, it will be as if you just deployed it to a new computer so it will apply all your answers and do a fresh install. On your first USB drive with WinPE we need to update the two batch files like this. Both are available as part of the Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit (ADK) for Windows.. DISM can work with two different image types. Choose Add Setting to Pass 7 oobeSystem…, 6. Set a username and password, 1. The reasons for creating the reference image on a virtual platform are the following: 1. Your email address will not be published. If you want to image a lot of computers with a clean Windows 10 image, Microsoft has lots of built-in tools to help do this, but it’s easy to get lost and overwhelmed with their documentation. Set SkipUserOOBE to true, 17. This guide covers the following seven steps: 1. I made reference image and the modern application (Photo, calc) after Windows 10 installation via MDT does not work. Good idea, let me know what the error is and I may be able to help if needed. Right click amd64_Microsoft_Windows_Deployment_neutral2. Copy these commands below into the split.bat file and save. To alleviate that headache, I will explain step-by-step how to: I often found myself getting lost while trying to make a universal Windows 10 .wim image file, so in this section I will give a broad overview from start to finish of the steps needed to be completed. Change image used in task sequence(s) Update any feature package cab files from ISO. Set UserLocale to en-US, 1. Set Domain to your domain8. Configured, reference computer that is generalized with Sysprep (I assume you know how to do this). Right-click amd64_Microsoft-Windows-Shell-Setup_neutral, 2. So instead of going to, Stay up to date! This process can be automated too, and below I will explain how. Open Rufus and select these options below. Highlight Credentials7. Having said that, WIndows 10 is really good in finding correct drivers. Right-click wow64_Microsoft-Windows-International-Core2. On the Sysprep tool select Enter System Out-of-Box Experience (OOBE) and select Generalize the click OK. Systep Preparation. Boot to the USB drive, which will load WinPE. I tried it and got an error when I went to capture the image. The Install.bat file will first partition and format disk 0 then install the image to the volume labeled C, make the drive bootable and then restart to Windows Welcome. My first thought was ‘Happy to aim you in the proper direction’. Hoping the error was minor, I went to install the image, but I guess the error wasn’t minor, as the image failed to install, but the hard drive was cleared by the batch file, so I have to start over from scratch. You may find that some computers need a special network driver or storage driver to complete the imaging successfully. Import into SCCM. Right-click LocalAccounts19. On your USB drive, you now have a file named “my-windows-image.wim”, and this image can now be deployed to another computer with the same architecture. You will also need to install a program that can create bootable USB flash drives. In this scenario I am using UEFI/GPT-based PC with Windows 10. The reference image described in this documentation is designed primarily for deployment to physical machines. Preamble. I have always loathed doing anything in Windows because it was difficult to script/automate anything. FAT32 will only support 4GB file size; therefore, if your image is larger than 4GBs you will need to first capture the image to a NTFS drive, and then use DISM’s split image feature to split the image up into several smaller images. Set HideOEMRegistrationScreen to true11. Set UILanguage to en-US7. You can just accept all the defaults the installer offers. Copy it to your Desktop since it cannot be read directly from the CD or .iso. You can customize Windows after it is installed (the settings will be captured and applied when you deploy the image), but it’s usually safer and a better practice to apply any settings through the answer file. A recent email from a former student asked, “ Is it possible to have you show me how to capture an image using Imagex?. Now, instead of creating the install media (and .iso or USB drive), run this command instead to mount the image to the local filesystem: Then, add your driver (replace the file path with the path to your required driver): Now, commit your changes and unmount the image: You should now be able to create your media same as before:make a bootable USB drive: make an .iso file, which you can burn to a CD: Get the latest posts delivered right to your inbox, 10 Feb 2017 – This is easy – wait – imageX is deprecated in Windows 8/8.1. Set HideEULAPage to true9. Maybe a few hours worth of work total, most of it the offline servicing and distribution to DPs. Once booted into the WinPE environment, you will be presented with a command prompt. I will show you how to capture a less than 4GB image first then I’ll show you how to use the split image features. Choose Add Setting to Pass 4 Specialize…, 3. create and use an Unattended.xml file that will: (optionally) configure other Window settings, deploy the image to multiple computers using the, Install the Windows Automated Deployment Kit (ADK), Acquire a Windows 10 installation disc or, Create a WinPE disc or bootable USB drive, Boot the computer to WinPE after it shuts down. And Window’s Command Prompt was, Malcontents are sneaky. This summer, Windows 10 is upon us, and we have already begun slowly transitioning some areas to Microsoft’s ultimate operating … 6 min read, 3 Oct 2016 – Add this text to the Install.bat file and save. FAT32 can only support at most 4GB file sizes. Imaging Windows 8.1 tablets using a USB drive and WinPE, Customizing the Start Menu and Taskbar shortcuts for all users in Windows 10, Imaging Windows 10 devices using a USB flash drive and WinPE. Open Windows System Image Manager as an administrator, 6. 3 min read, Yup, Windows 10 is getting a bash shell! Preparing Windows 10 Reference Computer for MDT Capture. Choose Add Setting to Pass 7 oobeSystem…, 3. Now that we have our FOG Server up and running, it’s time to create our Generalized Choose Insert New LocalAccount, 20. USB hub, or docking station if your device does not have more than one USB port. If all is okay then exit DISKPART, and run the capture.bat command. If you made the USB drive, you can move just move on to the next step. You can now use the dism tool to capture the images. Set SkipMachineOOBE to true16. You will need to create an answer file, which contains the settings you want to be applied at the time you deploy the image to a computer. I don't want to create a task sequence for capture. Choose Yes on the dialog that appears, 9. Where it says “Create a bootable drive using: ISO image” click the CD drive picture and select the ISO file we just created located at C:\winpe_AMD64\. Therefore, we need to capture the image first on a large NTFS drive, and then split the image into multiple 4GB or less files. For our Windows 7 reference images, I have created a WinPE ISO with imagex and captured the image which was then imported into MDT. Right-click OOBE5. Insert the CD or USB stick into the computer you ran sysprep on. →. If you want to image a lot of computers with a clean Windows 10 image, Microsoft has lots of built-in tools to help do this, but it’s easy to get lost and overwhelmed with their documentation.. To alleviate that headache, I will explain step-by-step how to: create and use an Unattended.xml file that will: We are going to follow the same steps as above, but first we need to make some adjustments. If your volumes are labeled correctly then the WinPE will capture your reference computer Window’s partition to the USB drive and then reboot.If you wanted to capture more partitions then just the Window’s partition, you need to update the Capture.bat file with additional commands for each partition, and you will need to update the disk.txt file to create these partitions when you run install.bat file. DISM can be used to either mount or service a Windows image in the .wim, .ffu, .vhd or .vhdx file format. First open the Deployment and Imaging Tools Environment as an administrator and type this command. Save your answer file somewhere safe (preferably on a network share). In their latest ploy, they are counting on you misspelling “.com” so they can send you to one of their fake domains. Offline service for updates. Step 1 – Install Windows 10 ADK v1809, WinPE Addon for Windows ADK 10 v1809, and MDT 8450 2. I typically just put one command in it, which removes the Unattended.xml file (sensitive information in this file is already obfuscated, but it’s nice to remove it anyway). What happens now is the Capture script will capture to the second flash drive and split the image in to multiple files. Expand UserAccounts in the Answer File pane18. Capture and apply Windows images. This can be adjusted in the BIOS, but there is also sometimes a function key you can press that lets you choose what device to boot to on-the-fly. In my previous post,described about the working mechanism of Sysprep tool and process of capturing the You’ll also need a keyboard so using a USB hub is necessary if you only have one USB port. Adjusting for images larger than 4GBs using Split Image files. However, the reference image is created on a virtual platform, before being automatically run through the System Preparation (Sysprep) tool process and captured to a Windows Imaging (WIM) file. Hello, This post is a follow-up or compliment to creating an image of Windows for mass-distribution (Windows 7).
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