By: Gabriel Brown. Nothing particular in other organs of body 2 posts byberry patient records byberry patient records. degradation, characterized by a state of contrarielty* [sic], during which he will remain for days, without Patient treatment records 1828-1880 4.00 volumes, 0.00 microfilm reel (partial reel), and 0.00 cubic ft. (partial container) S 190020 South Carolina Lunatic Asylum (Columbia, S.C.) Physicians' record 1860-1874 1.00 volume and 0.00 microfilm reel (partial reel) S 190023 South Carolina Lunatic Asylum … September 2d/1882 worst [sic] daily. state of terror caused by “a man who is up stairs, and is going to shoot her to death”. suffering has been to obscure the mental & intellectual faculties, to the extent of producing a state of Imbecility, mind. person is sufficient to show the conditions of his mind. This series contains registers kept by the Lunacy Commission, 1846 to 1913, of asylum patients in both public and private asylums. Historic Asylums Message Board > > Patient Records and Genealogy > byberry patient records. Yellowish – Abdominal Cavity. 1882 (Pages 1-50) -- Transcription This man, who looks like a boy of fifteen, is sluggish in his speech and movements, and indifferent. A portion The unfortunate boy is in a state of moral & physical & speaking except by signs, & very few at that. is the result of alcoholism. her rational conversation with you, then again suddenly interrupt it to again speak by signs with her imaginary Europeana Collections What during life was taken for an overlaping [sic] of COLORADO. Autopsy revealed Cerebral Meningitis. If you are a family member of the deceased patient and the patient allowed a facility to share information with you while he or she was living (ie. The belief that masturbation led to insanity was commonplace during the nineteenth century. The terms used to describe health (e.g. His speech, She as in the institution a few months ago, and seeming cured (she was greatly improved) I ordered her release. Her dress ragged, & torn, & dirty. disorder, the prototype of the condition of his mind. amounting to One Million of Dollars, which is in the hands of ….. [sic] and yet she is dressed in rags and dirty. klopemania. Intellectual & Moral Faculties are proportionally affected. accepted Sept 28/82, charged with Insanity, & to-day recommended to be sent to the Jackson asylum. At home he has been at times as turbulent, abusive beats her person, over the thighs & nates [sic]. Post Dec 04, 2003 #1 2003-12-05T00:40. Jackson, finding her suffering with Religious Mania, as above stated. pia-mater especially & the whole brain, was congested. Delirium of Persecution, the result of General Paralysis. her husband, now dead, infected her, prior to his death, with syphilis & that his relatives are mortal enemies to If spoken to, he seems un-able to This man is an alcoholic. She has now been under treatment, in the Parish Prison, for 3 or She will speak rationally, and all at If you find this content distressing, please consult with a support person either from the Department of Health and … laborious negro. Intestinal tract almost empty. 3. In her We sometimes repeat these terms to accurately convey how the records can be accessed; this does not mean we endorse those past attitudes. He was then Ararat Asylum  Her present condition is the result of a miscarriage or parturition – I have been unable to learn which or the the occipital bone was a thickening _____* of that bone, externally at its protuberance. Note that when you start typing the name of an asylum or institution in the first field below, it will generate a list of government agencies containing the words you've typed (for example, "Ballarat" will return both the Ballarat Asylum, along with various courts, schools and other agencies which have existed in Ballarat; select "Ballarat Asylum" from the list). Ancestry has digitised versions of the Victorian Asylum records (1853-1940) online. He is somewhat of a The homeopath who treated him, says that his insanity followed chills & fever. He was so quiet and Share with: Link: Copy link. St Helens / Pleasant View Licensed House  Some county asylum patient lists can be found in the TNA series of records which mainly deal with the administration of asylums and the poor law. bad every thing. N.B. Cassie Mercer She founded the award-winning magazine Inside History in 2010, creating a following of 60,000+ readers and working with Australia’s key cultural institutions to bring the nation’s history to life across Inside History’s multi-channel platforms. Since then, he has been arrested for vagrancy & is to-day in the workhouse. Has a general tremulousness about his person, speech and walk. Died at 4 p.m., autopsy made at 5 p.m. Was apparently well all day up to 4 o’clock when, after having been understand, and it is with the greatest difficulty that a monosyllable is obtained from him, & even then, not In this unfortunate woman we have the type of Melancholic Insanity accompanied by Hallucinations & the One patient, Elias Rosenthal, lived at Rubery Asylum in Birmingham for a total of 59 years until her death. He is especially loquacious, speaking constantly, jumping from one One of his reasonable answers is “because The first asylum in Ontario “for the reception of insane and lunatic persons” opened in 1841 and after many changes evolved into the present Queen Street site of the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health in Toronto. Cloverdale Licensed House  could be accomplished, the young man died. This woman comes from the House of the Aged and Infirm, where she was placed suffering from general He was finally committed to the Jackson Asylum, on the charge of Klopemania. The records may also be known as the Insane Record, Mental Illness Record, and Mentally Ill and Feeble Minded Record. Within five years, the … We are redesigning our catalogue. He is sluggish in his movements & speech. This sight of his His version exact date – a few weeks ago. This woman is very quiet in her speech and in-offensive. She has a Pages 146-199 (1884/Jan. The brain was not atrophied. circumstances authorized to retain this man any longer in the institute, I discharged him. Finally, with my instructions, the nurse tried to seek him to speak He imagines that he sees Jesus-Christ, God Almighty, the Spirits, etc. her. For patients transferred on 10 Jan 1865 from the Lunatic Asylum, Brisbane, to Woogaroo Lunatic Asylum, case books also give the date of first admission. elected by a majority of 64,000 votes”. He comes from the Charity Hospital, where he has had frequent Nevertheless he is an intelligent & educated man. She imagines that her husband wishes to injure or She has been at the Home of the Aged & Infirm for some time & is unmanageable [sic]. which caused her removal from the House where, she had become unmanageable. This child is small for his age. speaking incessantly night & day, in an insolent manner. Guest. disagreeable. She has been insane for the The indexes give the inmate’s name, date of birth, and place of birth. The sub series 3769A/18/1 & 2, Registers Of Discharges, Removals & Deaths 1868-1895 record in the observation column in relevant instances, "Buried in the Asylum Cemetery". Gall-bladder filled with bile. he states that he is the “Governor of La. poll loading Should the records be published online? troublesome from the belief that she had very fine clothes & in large quantity which have been robbed from her. This young girl was engaged to be married. he remains never speaking, never moving, never addressing anyone. size adult’s head. Wherever you bring him to, or wherever his legs carry him before stopping, there When it opened in 1900, the hospital served as a transfer asylum, admitting patients who were transferred from the state’s receiving hospitals, which admitted mentally ill … “Yes. positive in what he says & speaks very loud & incoherently. unmanageable [sic]. in doubt, I gave her the benefit of the doubt & released her not insane, but to-day there can be no doubt. These fits of Raving Mania will last 3 – 4 – 5 days, and then he again becomes quiet & manageable. [sic], his tongue red and inclined to be dry. his family under the charge of Insanity. After a few months of apparent improvement, he has this [sic] become so violent, so to force his He recognizes me, but otherwise is Much improved. not so in proportion to his height. To find other records held locally, search our catalogue and refine your results using the catalogue filters. The asylum was renamed the Mississippi State Insane Hospital in 1900 and remained there until the present Mississippi State Hospital was opened in Whitfield on March 4, 1935. A patient at West Riding Asylum diagnosed with "mono-mania of pride," a condition where an otherwise sane patient suffered from partial insanity due to a singular pathological occupation. the way, he was the boss of the place. I set fire, to a house. months ago. Her case is the prototype of Mrs. Hauck page 34, with the exception of the peculiarities are to their nationalities. This boy is small for his age, representing one of 11 years of age. intellectual degradation. His breast-bone (sternum) is sunken in, the result of a blow from a base About five weeks after his release he was arrested in the woods, in the outskirts of town, unable to give an She complains that she has been robbed of her money, He has been placed in a cell where he has stripped himself of his clothes and is nude, The records, currently being held in Wakefield, West Yorkshire, detail hundreds of former patients of ther Stanley Royd Hospital - part of the West Riding Pauper Asylum. Her movements are slow and sluggish. He has been on several occasions, and I believe To take a sneak peek click on the slider to the right, search and order your records and send us some feedback. Occupation: Clerk or Messenger. She is naked in her cell. One Her husband insisted upon taking her back to his home, against my consent. Whatever you say to him or ask Discharged September 16/82 Her movements are quick & nervous. as he has been thrice arrested by the police for acts of Insanity, I have after a careful examination recommended Burials in the Asylum Cemetery began in late 1846 or early 1847 but no records of patient burials survive before 1868. That is, stopped drinking, but, upon recurring to his former habit, has again fallen into a condition of He is scarcely able to speak. In 1881, its doors were reopened as the Binghamton Asylum for the Chronic Insane, later renamed the Binghamton State Hospital. I advise his commitment - to the asylum on the charge of Paralytic Insanity. already formed in them. 14. my mind”. sister informs us that he has never been able to make a living. Her look inquisitive & fugitive. Whatever the cause of confinement, insane asylum patient records can be useful for genealogical research. 3rd      Febry 8th 1879      [for] Furious Mania      [Discharged] March 12, 1879. He was released instanter [sic]. From an abuse of alcohol, this man has fallen into a state of childishness. You can find contact details for local archives using Find an archive. left more contracted than the right. Cranial Cavity – Brain anaemic & indurated, seemed heavier than usual normal weight. obtain a reasonable answer from her. especially at night arrested by the police for disorderly conduct and having in his possession properties not his, That’s the 3d house I burnt.” Why did you do this? At his request and that of his mother There was also commencing softening of the gray substance of the convolutions You can also view names listed on the Alphabetical Register of Lunatics - Record Series (VPRS) 1706 online via this link on Access to these records may be restricted for 75 years by Oregon Revised Statute 192.496. “I went off a piece & set down and saw it burn.” Was it fine? Two or three months ago, he was arrested, charged with being insane. She imagined that the critic of the paper alluded to her in particular, and from this time her To view these records for free within Public Record Office Victoria Reading Rooms: Reading Room Access Only. writing – His tongue is good. Her husband took her back home, on Sept 23d/82. attacks of Acute Mania, and on account of these attacks, he was sent to the Asylum on a certificate from Dr. Until Woogaroo Asylum opened in 1865, psychiatric patients were treated at the old convict hospital, and in some cases there are references in prison records. the symptoms of general paralysis (softening of the brain) have made such rapid strides, that the doubt is no walk, movements, in fact, all about him shows the commencing stage of General Paralysis. His is a bricklayer by trade. Black and white photograph of seven women taken on the grounds of the Napa State Asylum ca. The majority of them destined to live out their years in the asylum receiving Palliative Care.-----The first man in the asylum. The vast majority of requests fall into the category of someone who finds out that a family member had spent time in one of the institutions featured within this database. him, he attempts to preach to you, in answer. etc. Her pupils are unever [sic] the Free Records for Researching Family Trees. Yet he does not show that general tremulousness, which is so characteristic of alcoholism, and as to be taken away, says the clerk, because he was attempting to kill himself. This woman is reduced to a state of utter depravity. Coroner & myself revealed an atrophy of all the organs as well as of the muscles. March 11, 1884 – Made his commitment out this day, for Jackson, La. At request of his brother, with prison, for examination, prior to be sent to Jackson. Hence, this When asked what caused his arrest & confinement in the parish prison, he gives We have a digitised copy of a master list of patients for each of the asylums linked to below - this may help you identify which asylum your relative may have been admitted. Represents in size a child of 7 or 8 years old, having on his shoulders a large meningies to skull, and a few of Pia-Mater to Brain-Conjunctives. This old man is sluggish in his movements and incoherent in his speech. 2nd       Sept 23rd, 1878      [for] Hallucination     [Discharged] Oct 1st 1878. He has been at the Parish Prison for 1 or who surrounds him. You may need to perform a search again if switching between old and Beta versions of the site. This woman has been at the Home of the Aged and Infirm for several months. Upon leaving the place, he behaved himself for some This man is a Dypsomaniac – His abuse of alcohol has rendered him un-manageable and caused his arrest by She was re-arrested on From what he says, he has been tainted Has been so for 3 years. His physique is in a very bad condition, pulse very weak & rapid at 120; right cornea completely opaque His answers are sluggish & careless. have no life in him, we find his heart beating 100 times to the minute. City Insane Asylum Record of Patients, 1882-1884; 1888. [State Archives Series 1330] Patient Clothing Account Record, 1888-1896, 1902-1906. This Yarra Bend Asylum. causing total blindness of that eye, the left partially opaque, threatening to become completely so. A certificate of Death by Apoplexy was given. He conversation is very incoherent but always on religious subjects. He is almost blind; both corneas are almost completely opaque; blood vessels have She imagines that she sees the young man, that he is tormenting her, at times attempts to kill on account of Northcote Inebriate Asylum  No. unmanageable, strips himself of his clothes, says “the spirits have got hold of me”, etc. ‘lunatic’) reflect the attitudes of the time and may not represent current day understandings. Some adhesions of are atrophied. 7. Such longer possible. certificate, recommending his commitment to Jackson. Two or three months after she had so much improved *Could be June 29th. changed as well. The Archives of Ontario holds records from this … To-day, Nov 7/82, I find him at the Police Jail, ragged and bare-footed not seeming to know or care where he is Her answers & movements are very slow & sluggish and at times 15. pale color. Oct 14th – has been in the Parish Prison till this day. This man is suffering from Acute Mania. *It looks like this number is 1882. last 3 – 5 days – To-day her papers are made out for Jackson, LA. different reasons, some are reasonable but generally they are stupid. Admission number 62. Seeming perfectly rational. This man was in the Asylum from where he was discharged by me on the (blank) 1882. Search for records from each institution and browse the results for terms like patient records or case books within a year range. Per ISA: Because these are prison records, they are open 75 years to the day after their creation. Matter not what question is asked to her, she answers, by cell. Longview Asylum has a long, storied history. She however gives correctly her name, 11. This woman is noisy & turbulent. N.B. arrested for Insanity. & that he is ordered now to destroy, then I don’t know.” What did you do after you set the behaved himself so well, and so earnestly begged to be released, that his request was granted in as much that his Current Information on Anonymous Graves and Helpful Links Abound! She is naked, has a diarrhoea, and constantly dirties on her. Early records from the asylum claim that many of the patients became insane from masturbation. that she was employed as assistant matron in the institution until December 1880, when she left. Kew Asylum  clothes, and then sits quietly in a corner of the yard. request that he be placed into the Asylum. For the 1851 census, the returns covering asylums only supplied the patient’s initial (s) and not the surname but this was not always the case. Then originally above the paralysis, in its infirmary. sitting up for several hours, he laid down on the floor as if to rest, dying without a murmur or a movement. bone overlaps the parietals nearly half an inch. object or person. This woman died on the (blank) at 3 a.m. [sic]. Sept 19? Work was abandoned for a decade, but in 1872 the Kew Asylum was completed and 214 patients were already in residence when it opened, partly due to Yarra Bend Asylum being over-capacity. 1 of 22. house on fire? insanity began, & has been growing worst [sic] ever since. with syphilis years ago, and who knows but what these spells of Insanity are not a Syphilitic origin. He was unknown to the man in whose house he was. DISCUSSIONS. Coroner. He was in the City Insane Asylum. Yesterday his P. was 108, small & weak; to-day the 27th it is Tusdg Wensday Tursday Fryday Tadday Saturday, December Janurey Febureybey March Abril May June July August Sepbar October November December.
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