This makes nailing down each length of flooring unnecessary. After having our floor for two years now, I thought I'd write an update on my vinyl plank floor review. Attach an air inflation needle as an extension onto a can of spray foam. For instance the laminate flooring is a floating floor … These are 2x12 floor joists under my own laundry room. Installing vinyl plank flooring can be an effective way of installing cheaper flooring while retaining the look and feel of a wood floor. Everything I have read says it should be a floating floor, but it seems so squishy. Often this is the primary reason for excessive give. I did my own pergo floors and spent about 10 hours and over 10 bags of leveling compound ensuring that every room was level to within about 1/16" over a 5' span. ⚛ The information about Laminate Floor Feels Spongy 5 Steps To Fix is completely presented here. 1. For quick repairs of soft spots in your laminate floor use an air inflation needle or a syringe (used to blow up sports balls) on a can of spray foam. There are couple of bumps and some places floor makes little bit of cracking noise. No one wants to invest the time or money. Even if you left enough space, it could have expanded. I'm still loving our floor, and would 100% go with vinyl plank again. Depending on the type of floating floor, for example cheap laminate it will have a spongy feel. If the hump in the floor feels spongy or gives underfoot when you walk on it, the most likely cause of the problem is underlayment that has come loose from the subfloor. Hi,I was reading a post earlier where someone was describing that walking felt spongy, i have since looked again and i can not see it.The reason it took my interest was because about three years ago i described my walking as like walking on padded shoes and i felt like my feet where going further and further into the ground. Years ago, while working as a carpenter, I helped stiffen a bouncy floor by nailing a new 2×10 to each of the 2×10 joists that supported the floor. They span approximately 16 feet and there is simply no bounce in that floor. Floating floors are a very easy flooring system for a DIY homeowner to install as part of a weekend project. If the moldings are attached to the floorboards, remove the nails or detach the glue. The contact detail associated with Laminate Floor Feels Spongy is also mentioned to make it easy for a user to contact the furniture seller. The problem with laminate floors is that too much water seeps into the cracks between the planks and can cause swelling and damage that is irreversible. I need a cane but I have no pain or … And it is a very good choice if you want to do the work yourself—this is one of the easiest flooring materials for DIYers. I laid down a Pergo Laminate Wood Floor and it feels very wierd. === yes but it is as simple as "put it silver side up and seal together", does not say anything about unevenness in places where it used to bend while packed flat, as on the picture I used the cheap white one from IKEA in other rooms and it feels much firmer, but it is softer and probably straightens faster under the weight of the floor My age is 59 and I am male. Spongy brakes are a result of air getting into the brake … My First Laminate Flooring Installation. Now on part of the floor its starting to move, as in when you walk on it, it moves up and down. If the floor doesn’t have an adequate expansion gap, you’ll have to make one. Laminate flooring is normally much more economical. Our kitchen floor (Karndean - a sort of upmarket vinyl floor) gets cleaned almost daily (miss the odd day but we must average 5 days out of 7) It is swept, it is then swiffed with a flash dry wipe and finally mopped with warm water and ecover floor soap. Answer Save. This comprehensive guide will answer any queries concerning your sweating floor and provide the best strategies to stop the dumbness. Before we call in a professional installer for a complete re-do (and trashing $8000 in … This type of flooring system features tongue and groove joints on the sides of each floorboard that fit very nicely into each other. I'm paying a lot of money to a respected contractor to redo my hardwood floors. Why Floors Sweat I was installing mostly carpet an Vinyl Flooring. We also installed bidding around all corners. our contractor just finished installing laminated floor in my basement. If the floor is glued, the glue may tend to crack when the floor is first used. Laminate is a great, low cost option for many people. Go to a floor shop and look at a floating floor, when someone walks across you will see the floor deflect. But most people want solid and safe floors. New one is german made AC4 8mm. The living room floor obviously had a few areas that are uneven - however - we really hate the feel of the floating floor, even in the dining room, where a good result was attained. could this be the reason why it is bouncing? My floor doesn't squish, ever. A little water goes a long way on a laminate floor. Home caring is an easy task, so does the floor cleaning. i too have this problem in some area. There seems to be a small void under the floor and when you step on it it depresses and creeks a little bit. This is my first time renovating a new purchased condo and not sure what I'm supposed to feel right now. We removed previously installed laminate floor (almost 15 years old) and replace it with new laminate floor. Address a large hump in the floor. Keep reading to find out what I like and don't like about it, and how it's held up over these past couple of years. Before this I never did it before. It's the most overlooked part of almost all floor installs. In fact when I watch my wife walk on it, I can see it bend and move where her feet are. After a week we started realizing that floor is not even all over. It cannot be done by dipping the mop into the water or whatever chemical cleaners, taking it out, and moving around the floor. Hi-that's just needed some advice. Back in early 2003 I installed my first ever Laminate Floor. Helpful tools include spacers and a jigsaw. I worked in a lot of new construction houses. george e. 1 decade ago. Laminate flooring also has a load of positive over hardwood and ceramic floors. From spilled water on the laminate floor to underlying moisture issues, resolving the issue quickly can save the entire expanse of flooring. Soft spots in a laminate floor can be caused by an uneven sub-floor or improper installation of flooring underlayment. This is a big problem when getting the vehicle to stop. Laminate flooring is a good alternative to real hardwood flooring or ceramic tile. You must choose the right cleaning products, as well as clean the right way. I can tell when I'm walking on it that it's not secure. My left leg does't work very good. Turns out on one side of my dinning there was a sink for a wet bar they deleted and floor was not smooth to say the least but on the other side the 6!inch round looking bulge in the floor, 2 plank in from side wall was a 1-1/4in Hexhead Machine screw they missed on clean up and put the flooring right. The floor joists permitted by code allow safe floors to be built that are soft and spongy. My in law put the floor down, he is a retired joiner, so as it was free, its a bit of a sticky situation to complain, he now knows about it and thinks 'it will settle' For the most part, the laminate floor is stable, but there is a 1 foot area that is bothering me. About 6-8 weeks ago we got a new laminate floor put down, was quite an expensive one. Laminate flooring that feels bouncy or is lifting in areas is not only ugly, it can be a safety issue. Relevance. when i walked on that area, i noticed the floor feels quite bouncing and i can see the up and down movement of the laminated floor. Fix the Underlying Laminate Flooring Problem. 5 Answers. Laminate flooring can be a good flooring material for quickly upgrading a floor if you're not worried about long-term real estate value and aren't obsessed with a luxurious look. A floating floor will also generate noise at shoe molding, transition pieces, coffee tables the reason being it deflects when you walk on it. I recently leveled out my subfloor and laid some laminate flooring in my kitchen. However, putting in this flooring is an art form, and sometimes gaps can appear between poorly laid boards. the contractor installed soft padding underneath the laminated flooring. Hi Elisa, If the floor feels "spongy" check to see if the floor is too tight to the walls where it gives. Around this time several odd symptoms started to Favorite Answer. Having a sweating floor does not only weaken the foundation of the premises but also creates a slippery surface which is a risk factor within your living space. If you are in a cold area, the floor will be cold, hard and the space will offer an "echo". If you are looking for something that holds up well to moisture...laminate does not do very well. If this material is subject to moisture or hidden leaks, the plywood will rot and the floor will start to feel soft or spongy in places. Occasionally, I would see another installer on the job site installing a Laminate Floor. This is a settling process, and the bonds of the glue break or expand as they settle, growing accustomed to weight being put on the floating floor. New hardwood floor feels too soft and "spongy", did my contractor screw up? We had our much awaited kitchen fitted last week- a family friend fitted it with his nephew - they did a fantastic job of the kitchen and beforehand offered to fit the floor- which feels bouncyuunderfoot especially near French doors - on hindsight I know the floor was not level but being a dumb blond thought the underlay would sort that out. For most areas of laminate flooring in your home, a dry or dust mop may be all that is needed for regular cleaning. Hello - For the past 5-10 years it is becoming harder to walk. My hubby installed a laminate floor In places it feels spongy, is this normal? A laminate floor is laid on top of an underlay and is not, and absolutely should not be fixed to the sub-floor as this will do more harm than good. I know you checked to be sure the floor was level, but check again just in case. Floating floors can be either glued or interlocked together. Spongy brakes are when the pedal has a mushy feel to it that seems to go away after pressing it multiple times at once but comes back after laying off the pedal. Carpet is well known product. Simply remove the molding and cut a section of flooring between the floor and the walls. Spongy or soft floor – If your home was built with a wooden floor truss system, the sub floor is usually made of plywood, which forms the actual floor of your home.
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