Clearly, the Great Barrier Reef is important and immediate action needs to be taken to protect it from disappearing. If there are any other ways we can protect the Reef that hasn’t been listed, please share in the comments below. It is important to keep reefs healthy because that is one of the main ways we get income – from the tourist industry. As you’d expect from one of the seven Natural Wonders of the World, the Great Barrier Reef is home to some weird, wonderful and just plain loveable creatures. Dive Into a Natural Wonder at the Great Barrier Reef! Copyright © 2010-2018. The largest of these coral reef systems is the Great Barrier Reef of Australia, which is more than 1,500 miles (2,400 km) in length. While poorly managed tourism, including a disproportionate amount of visitors to mismanaged sites also has a great impact on the delicate biodiversity of an area, this is not a current issue at the Great Barrier Reef, which is renowned for its effective eco-friendly tourist strategies. The loss of the Great Barrier Reef would be catastrophic for the Earth, and it’s important that we do all we can to protect it. Our Great Barrier Reef report is a timely reminder that Queensland needs to be future focused. Read More. Coral reefs help humans in many other ways too: generating tourist dollars for communities, and—especially important in our changing climate—acting as natural barriers against storm events like hurricanes, typhoons, and even tsunamis. The magnificent Great Barrier Reef stretches for more than 2,600 kilometres off the coast of Queensland, Australia and comprises more than 900 islands. Ask questions and then ask more questions: there is no such thing as too much information. The Great Barrier Reef is home to 1500 species of fish, 1/3 of the soft coral in the world, 411 types of hard coral, 134 different species of sharks and rays, six of the seven most endangered species of marine turtle and 30 marine mammals – including our own, endangered dugong. Eco Warrior Princess. Education and awareness are the first and foremost problem with the Great Barrier Reef, and the more you know, the better off all the inhabitants of the reef are. Yet for decades, big polluting companies have threatened to destroy this incredible community of living things. Warmer ocean temperatures leading to coral bleaching, affected by climate change, and agricultural pesticide pollution, are the biggest threats to the Great Barrier Reef. Is Boxed Water Really Better Than Bottled Water? Without it, there would be a significant loss of income, tourism, and jobs. If you make a purchase using a link we may receive a commission. Threats. Why isn’t Australia taking the lead when we have so much to lose? The time to act is now and power is with the people. Sea turtles come to the reef to breed and at least 215 species of shore and sea birds visit the reef to nest and roost. Another reason why we should save our coral reefs is because they control the carbon dioxide in the water. Photo Credit: World Wildlife Foundation Before and After on The Great Barrier Reef. It’s hard to imagine how the reef – held up as a bastion for those around the world – can fully bounce back. ; Coral bleaching as a result of global warming is a key reason for the reef’s decline. The last few years have seen the worst cases of coral bleaching on record which has been supposedly due to human influence. The Great Barrier Reef is amazing! Eco Warrior Princess uses affiliate links. “We have committed $175 million over five years, plus a boost of an additional $100 million for improved reef water quality outcomes. Make sure to subscribe to our newsletter here and you’ll receive our 12-page guide with 101+ tips to help you live sustainably. Every year, approximately 1 TRILLION plastic bags are used around the world, which … December 3, 2015–BELMOPAN–The Association of Protected Areas Management Organizations, APAMO, applauds the decision by Cabinet demonstrating government’s resolve to ensuring the continued protection of the Belize Barrier Reef System and in … The list of organisms that rely on the Reef for survival is endless but here’s a selection (info sourced from the Australian Government site): Thanks to the Great Barrier Reef’s spectacular natural beauty and biodiversity, it’s a popular tourist destination for snorkelling, boat trips, and diving. Contrary to popular belief, coming to see the Great Barrier Reef is one of the single best ways you can help in its conservation. Coral reefs, also known as “the rainforests of the sea”, are well known for their beauty and vibrant colors, but apart from that, they are extremely important, both ecologically and economically. Facts. Every visitor to the reef pays an Environmental Management Charge which contributes to the day-to-day management of the Marine Park and funding the research that is improving its long-term resilience. One underrated service that the Great Barrier Reef provides is by protecting the shoreline. Australia has one of the worst individual carbon footprints in the world, therefore it’s essential to push for renewable energy rather than fossil fuels and reduce harmful pollution. Stretching more than 2,300km along Queensland’s east coast, the Great Barrier Reef is home to an astounding array of fish, coral, turtles, whales, dolphins, sharks and rays. If the Reef’s conditions are hostile, it’s more difficult for the whales to breed. ; Coral bleaching as a result of global warming is a key reason for the reef’s decline. Lastly, the marine life needs the coral reefs for their homes. Others have written comprehensively and well on the many ecological reasons for protecting the reef, here is a deeply personal and selfish one. We know that healthy coral reefs help us to get more fish. coral reef. The hope for many of the scientists is that this event will at least communicate to a global audience the reality of climate change and the effects it’s having on the natural world. From cloud brightening to heat-tolerant corals, a study has identified 160 possible interventions that could help protect the Great Barrier Reef. The reef does this by absorbing most of … The Great Barrier Reef is one of Australia’s most treasured natural wonders and is internationally renowned for … The second largest coral reef system is the Belize Barrier Reef , which is a 300 kilometres long section of the 900 kilometres long Mesoamerican Barrier Reef System. The Minister said the research showed the Great Barrier Reef contributed $6.4 billion in terms of the value added to the economy and over 64,000 direct and indirect jobs in 2015-2016. The Great Barrier Reef off the coast of Queensland, Australia, is the largest coral reef in the world, almost 2000km long, with its coral cays and islands spreading over 300,000 square kilometres. Great Barrier Reef. It is currently listed as a World Heritage site for multiple reasons, predominately for its biodiversity. Warmer ocean temperatures leading to coral bleaching, affected by climate change, and agricultural pesticide pollution, are the biggest threats to the Great Barrier Reef. –PRESS RELEASE– APAMO WELCOMES BAN BY CABINET TO PROTECT THE LONGEST BARRIER REEF IN THE WESTERN HEMISPHERE. Sadly, the Great Barrier Reef is under threat from climate change and pollution causing rising sea temperatures, acidity, and hostile conditions. It would bring coal ships through the Great Barrier Reef, hugely contribute to global warming and be a grotesque waste of money (economic geeky bit – coal is in structural decline, which means the coal industry is losing money hand over fist). “The government promised to focus on job creation and this report demonstrates the Great Barrier Reef is critical to supporting jobs in Australia. – Laura Hampton, New Scientist article 2017. Being educated to the great importance of healthy ecosystems and how to manage and maintain them through reducing biological impact, is critical to the health and natural resources of the Great Barrier Reef continuing well into the future. In the warm reef waters, amidst spectacular displays of coral and 330-recorded species of ascidiacea – whose incomparable filtering capabilities are a natural barometer of pollution – reside seventeen species of sea snake and more than 1,500 fish species. Educate others on the issue. Reefs in the inner Great Barrier Reef spawn during the week after the full moon in October, but the outer reefs spawn in November and December. We must act now if it is going to survive through future decades. The decision recognised the significant work by the Australian and Queensland governments, in partnerships with scientists, Traditional Owners, community and industry to further protect and manage the Great Barrier Reef with the development of the Reef 2050 Long-Term Su… Billy the Squid says we should recycle whenever we can. Enjoyed this post & want to show your gratitude? Coral reefs are an important food source for the people who live near reefs, and, as nurseries, are vital to the world’s fisheries. The Great Barrier Reef is Australia's unique living icon. But can it survive environmental pressures coming from multiple fronts – climate change, onshore industries and storms? 13mins 2secs Mon 20 Aug 2018, 9:09pm The World Heritage Committee meets each year to consider the state of conservation of world heritage properties. Choose eco-certified travel operators. This election needs to be the Great Barrier Reef election. Greater in size than the United Kingdom, Holland and Switzerland combined, and able to be seen from outer space, the Great Barrier Reef is an eco-wonderland – home to a vast range of mammalian, fish, and bird species. The Great Barrier Reef is at a critical tipping point that will determine its long-term survival. It may not seem sad to lose mangroves, yet they provide habitats for other marine life (including turtles). The Great Barrier Reef is one of the most spectacular wonders of the world, earth's largest living organism, home to almost 4000 coral reefs and over 1600 species of fish. The Great Barrier Reef is much more than just ‘great’, it’s essential. 10 Reasons To Visit The Great Barrier Reef. Olivia is a writer, producer and public health student. Glover’s Reef Atoll on the Belize Barrier Reef . It’s renowned as the world’s largest living thing… but of Australia’s celebrated natural assets, the Great Barrier Reef is also the biggest contributor to our national economy and our international brand. Don't let yourself fall victim to the bystander effect. Others have written comprehensively and well on the many ecological reasons for protecting the reef, here is a deeply personal and selfish one. Five hundred species of marine algae or seaweed live on the reef. The main contributors harming the reef are climate change, intensive urban development, and farming. Putting a price on it might seem impossible, given the Reef’s irreplaceable beauty and biodiversity. Most of us know coral reefs are beautiful, but did you know that they are a vital component of ocean health? Read more . 10 Organic Bed Sheets and Bedding Brands For Sustainable Shoppers (and Sleepers!) Australia's Great Barrier Reef is rapidly losing its coral, to the point that UNESCO may soon place the natural wonder on its "in danger" list. CARE: Don't just assume other people will help! After moving from London to Sydney, she found her love for the outdoors and recycled textiles, which led her to start writing about science and conscious fashion. Also, tourists really like to see and visit coral reefs. The genetic diversity of species in the Reef not only provides researchers with an opportunity to conserve ecosystems, but importantly allows natural marine communities survival options when environmental conditions alter. Using responsible marine tourism operators to visit the reef is … … The Great Barrier Reef is at a critical tipping point that will determine its long-term survival. Try living a reef-friendly lifestyle, selecting better products that are less harmful to the ocean (less plastic/toxins) and zinc-based suncream. This magnificent ancient site – most likely navigated by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people as long as 40,000 years ago – is an integral host to living creatures and organisms, notably the coral reefs, which play a vital role in providing habitats and essential nutrients to the marine food chains. If you like our site, think our work is important and want to pledge your support, you can pledge a donation through Patreon. If we can put a man on the Moon, we can save the Great Barrier Reef April 23, 2020 4.02pm EDT. I believe that we should look after and take good care of coral reefs.” There are approximately 2,000 fish species living amongst the Reef, including the clownfish (don’t make Nemo lose his home!) Then please support Eco Warrior Princess on Patreon! If you can, find out first hand what it's like to visit The Great Barrier Reef, and what you should know before coming. Clearly, the Great Barrier Reef is important and immediate action needs to be taken to protect it from disappearing. Read More #It's a unique ecosystem. It literally protects human life, property damage, and shoreline erosion. Composed of more than 2,900 individual reefs, more than 30 species of whales, dolphins, and porpoises call the area home. ‘The economic, social and icon value of the Great Barrier Reef’, published in 2013 by Deloitte confirmed its market and social value. We must not be litterbugs and if you see rubbish, pick it up and recycle or dispose of it thoughtfully. Traditional Owners also have significant cultural connections to the Reef, highlighting that it’s not only essential for marine life but for human well-being. The sense of responsibility carried the world over has arrived on our shores. Protecting the great Barrier Reef. Over the past 30 years, we have seen it lose about 50% of its coral. The draft Reef 2050 plan was designed to address the Committee’s concerns, but by not including actions and targets to restore the values of the Reef, limit dredging, ban sea dumping, and address climate change, the future of the Great Barrier Reef is still at risk.
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